The history of Payerne Abbey Church is one of human adventure. The site is a Romanesque masterpiece, one of the largest in Switzerland. Its history is an ancient one and the lives of the people associated with it are fascinating. Follow the Abbey Church’s new immersive interactive tour!

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Discovery tour

The tour offers a new insight on the history of the largest Romanesque church of Switzerland and its original characters

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History and heritage

Shortly before the year 1000, a religious way of life began to thrive at Payerne, supported by the Royal Family of Transjurane Burgundy

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Opening of the tomb in the parish church

In 1818, the bones found in the nave of the Abbey Church, and identified as those of Queen Berthe, were moved to a tomb in the Gachet Chapel of the parish church. The marble slab that closes the tomb recounts the queen’s legendary past.

On 20 May, through our short reports produced by Simon Brunet Production, discover the opening and study of this mysterious tomb and its still unexplored contents. Scientists, art historians, archaeologists and anthropologists will reveal the secrets surrounding the burial of Queen Berthe.

To begin with, here is the video of the opening of the tomb.


The archaeologist, Clément Hervé, presents the discovery made in the tomb and the next stages of research to come.


To conclude this rich day, a short word from our director-curator, Anne-Gaëlle Villet.


If you want to know more, you can watch the press conference on Thursday morning by following this link:

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During approximately one hour and a half, the Abbey church can be discovered with audio guide along an immersive and interactive tour.

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Coronavirus info

The Abbey Church and its surroundings are vast and welcoming. Its discovery tour is safe and clean. We respect all hygiene requirements to provide you a safe visit.

Despite the abolition of sanitary regulations by the federal government, we continue to clean the contact surfaces on a regular basis and disinfectants are always available along the route.

However, it is no longer necessary to have a Covid certificate or to wear a mask during your visit.

We look forward to welcoming you to this unique site!

Bertha's tomb

Together with archaeologists and historians, discover one of the most fascinating historical figures in the Abbey Church: Queen Bertha of Swabia.
With the support of Mobiliar and Raiffeisen.

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