Provision for GROUPS

Provision for GROUPS

Provision for GROUPS

We offer a variety of educational, fun and recreational activities for groups. Firstly, we provide guided tours with different themes to cater to a range of interests and wishes and which can be adapted for any age group. Additionally, thanks to our local partners, we welcome you to extend your visit to the Abbey Church site. Below, you will find detailed information about our themed guided tours and provision tailored to adults, children and school groups.

Guided tours are highly recommended for groups and must be booked at least a week before the desired visit date.

The number of participants for a group is a minimum of 10 people and a maximum of 25.

Only official Payerne Abbey Church guides are authorised to lead tours in the building.

To book your group visit, you can go to the Abbey Church reception desk, call us on 026 662 67 04 or send us an e-mail at info(at)

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Guided tours

Guided tour of Switzerland’s largest Romanesque monument with a unique trail


This tour of the Abbey Church, following an immersive and interactive trail, focuses on the history of the building and site. You’ll see the Abbey Church in a whole new light with this innovative experience. You’ll discover the stages of its construction, its decorative features and the history of the people associated with the site, particularly its Cluniac monks.

Duration : 1h15

Tour of the Abbey Church: architecture and decoration


This themed tour of the Abbey Church focuses on its architectural and artistic features, looking at the stages of its construction, its wall paintings and capitals as well as the recent restoration works and their technical innovations.

Duration : 1h15

Tour of the Abbey Church: spirituality


This themed tour of the Abbey Church focuses on the history of the building, its relationship with Cluny, the life of monks in the abbey, as well as the symbolism of the paintings and sculptures which grace this ancient building.

Duration : 1h15

Tour of the Old Town: including a visit to the Abbey Church, the Parish Church and the former Town Hall

This tour offers a chance to see the landmarks of the Old Town, drawing a parallel between the Abbey Church, the domain of the monks, and the Parish Church, which was used by lay people. With a tour of the Town Hall, normally closed to the public, it offers an overview of the major changes resulting from the Reformation of 1536.

Duration : 1h30



For adult groups, we offer the above themed guided tours.

You can also extend your experience at the Abbey Church site with activities provided by our partners:

  • wine tasting at the Abbey Church wine cellar
  • tour and beer tasting at the Brasserie Artisanale Broyarde
  • tasting sessions at the Goûts et Saveurs delicatessen with local produce and specialities of the south
  • a meal at La Scala restaurant

You will find all the details about our experiences in the document below.


List of activities coming soon


For schools, we provide guided tours adapted to the pupils’ ages and relating to topics studied during the year.

List of workshops coming soon

School groups must be led by a teacher. The teacher in charge of the group enters the Abbey Church free of charge. Any other adults accompanying the group must pay the group rate for entrance to the Abbey Church.