Restoration of the choir niche

The restoration of a great building like the Abbey Church is never finished. This is why we have taken advantage of the exceptional closure to the public to undertake the restoration of the niche in the south wall of the choir. This was made possible thanks to a generous donation from the Association for the Restoration of the Abbey of Payerne.

The work involved replacing the temporary props supporting the architecture with slender metal columns. The restorers then consolidated the pulverulent molasse, as well as the flashings (sealing the edges of the old rendering), in order to stabilise them. Some visually intrusive gaps were also filled with molasse powder or lime. The joints between the stones, which had become disjointed, were cleaned out and re-pointed with lime mortar.

The restoration work was carried out by Ivan Kolecek atelier d’architecture Sàrl. The old props were protected and removed by Walo Bertschinger SA. The new metal structure was installed by Cab Métal SA. Finally, the restorations were carried out by the Olivier Guyot and Julian James Consortium. We’d like to thank them all very much for their work!


Special closure: The Abbey Church, the discovery tour and our reception will be closed on Tuesday 23 April 2024.