The most recent restoration and development

21st century B.C.

When the Abbey Church threatened to collapse in 2010, emergency measures were put in place and a study was conducted to determine the buildings‘ preservation needs. A large preservation project was launched to save the building. Its stability was guaranteed by the insertion of vertical anchors under tension into the pillars. The roofs and façades as well as some of the vaults and wall paintings were also restored.

Alongside the restoration project of the Abbey Church, the market space was redeveloped into a paved pedestrian space and a new discovery tour was created.

Abbatiale de Payerne, façade nord et massif occidental, XIe – première moitié du XIIe siècle, avec la fontaine dite des Serruriers, 1533.
© Abbatiale de Payerne / Rémy Gindroz

Lundi 1er juillet 2024, le dormitorium sera fermé. Le reste du parcours de découverte restera accessible aux visiteurs comme d’habitude.